Privacy Statement

  1. Van Haren Publishing feels it is very important to protect the privacy of its subscribers, customers and visitors to its website(s). That is why we treat the personal details of all members, subscribers, customers and website visitors with great care.
  2. Van Haren Publishing treats the personal details of subscribers and customers with confidentiality. We only supply these personal details to third parties if:

– required to do so by law; and/or

– ordered to do so as part of legal proceedings between the Consumer Association and the consumer in question; and/or

– it is necessary in order to launch Legal proceedings; and/or

– it is necessary when implementing an audit; and/or

– if given consent to do so by the consumer in question.

  1. Van Haren Publishing will, under all circumstances, comply with privacy-related requirements in the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP) and the Telecommunications Act. We also comply with rules stipulated in the ‘Do not call me’ register.

If you have questions and/or comments, please send an e-mail to

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